Using the Samsung Smart Control

Samsung Smart Control makes it even easier and more convenient to use the TV. Pressing the KEYPAD button displays a virtual remote control that allows you to easily enter digits, control content, and activate functions on the screen.

-- We recommend using Samsung Smart Control at a distance of less than 6m. A usable distance may differ depending on the wireless environmental conditions.

Pairing the Samsung Smart Control

To control the TV with Samsung Smart Control, you need to pair Samsung Smart Control to the TV via Bluetooth. Pair Samsung Smart Control to the TV.

-- Samsung Smart Control can only be paired to a single TV.

Point Samsung Smart Control at the remote control sensor of the TV and press the TV button to turn the TV on. -- Remote control receiver’s location may vary depending on the model.

Reconnecting Samsung Smart Control

If the Samsung Smart Control stops operating or works abnormally, replace the batteries as this may be due to insufficient battery power.

If the problem persists, the Samsung Smart Control restores pairing with the TV.

1.Press both the RETURN button and the GUIDE button simultaneously for more than 3 seconds.

-- You must place the Samsung Smart Control approximately 30cm ~ 40cm away from the TV and ensure it is pointing towards the remote control receiver.

2.Connection image is appeared on the screen. And then, Samsung Smart Control is connecting to TV automatically.

When you see this alarm icon on the screen...

Following alarm icon indicates Samsung Smart Control's batteries are low. If the alarm icon pops up, replace the batteries. Samsung recommends using alkaline batteries for a longer operating life.

<Low battery Alarm Icon>


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