Using the TV by Moving the Samsung Smart Control

The Samsung Smart Control has a motion sensor (gyro sensor) that allows you to easily control the TV by holding and moving the Samsung Smart Control.

After Placing a finger on the touchpad, a pointer appears on the screen. Hold and move the Samsung Smart Control. The pointer moves the same way the Samsung Smart Control is moved. It's also possible to scroll up and down on scrollable screens.

-- If you remove the finger from touchpad, the screen pointer disappears.

Using the TV with the Touchpad

-- Navigate to the Support menu and select the Smart Control Tutorial option to learn how to use the touchpad, following the on screen instructions.

Moving the Focus/Pointer

Press the directional buttons (up, down, left, and right) to move the pointer or focus in the direction.

Menu Access & Item Selection

Press the touchpad. This lets you access a TV menu or select an item.

Displaying the Context-sensitive Menu on Smart Hub

Press and hold on the touch pad from the Smart Hub screen. The Options menu available to the selected item appears. -- The Options menu depends on the context.

Moving to the Smart Hub panel

On the Smart Hub screen, drag left or right on the touchpad. This will move the Smart hub panels left or right.

Scrolling on the Web Browser

Drag up/down on the touchpad in the web browser screen. This scrolls through the web screen.

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