5.1Install an operating system

This motherboard supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and OS/2 operating system (OS). Always install the latest OS version and corresponding updates so you can maximize the features of your hardware.

Because motherboard settings and hardware options vary, refer to your OS documentation for detailed installation insructions.

Before installing Windows NT/2000/XP operating system, make sure to copy the specific Promise RAID/ATA100 drivers for your OS from the support CD to a floppy disk.

TIP: From the folders DRIVERS/PROMISE/RAID/SETUP, click on MakeDisk to automatically copy the RAID drivers into the floppy disk.

Install the RAID/ATA100 drivers from the floppy disk. You cannot install these drivers directly from the support CD.

The RAID drivers are in the folders DRIVERS/PROMISE/RAID.

The ATA100 drivers are in the folders

5.2Support CD information

The support CD that came with the motherboard contains useful software and several utility drivers that enhance the motherboard features.

The contents of the support CD are subject to change at any time without notice. Visit the ASUS website for updates.

5.2.1 Running the support CD

To begin using the support CD, simply insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. The CD automatically displays the welcome screen and the installation menus if Autorun is enabled in your computer.

ASUS P4B-E motherboard user guide