2.Primary/Secondary IDE connectors (40-1 pin IDE1/IDE2)

This connector supports the provided UltraATA/100/66/33 IDE hard disk ribbon cable. Connect the cable’s blue connector to the primary (recommended) or secondary IDE connector, then connect the gray connector to the UltraATA/100/66/33 slave device (hard disk drive) and the black connector to the UltraATA/100/66/33 master device. It is recommended that you connect non-UltraATA/100/66/33 devices to the secondary IDE connector. If you install two hard disks, you must configure the second drive as a slave device by setting its jumper accordingly. Refer to the hard disk documentation for the jumper settings. BIOS supports specific device bootup. If you have more than two UltraATA/100/66/33 devices, purchase another UltraATA/100/66/33 cable. You may configure two hard disks to be both master devices with two ribbon cables – one for the primary IDE connector and another for the secondary IDE connector.

1. Pin 20 on each IDE connector is removed to match the covered hole on the UltraDMA cable connector. This prevents incorrect orientation when you connect the cables.

2.The hole near the blue connector on the UltraDMA/100/66 cable is intentional.


P4B-E IDE Connectors

Figure 2-36

IDE Connectors

Secondary IDE Connector





Primary IDE Connector






























NOTE: Orient the red markings (usually zigzag) on the IDE ribbon cable to PIN 1.

For UltraATA/100/66 IDE devices, use an 80-conductor IDE cable. The UltraATA/66 cable included in the motherboard package also supports UltraATA/100.

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