3.2Vocal POST Messages

This motherboard includes the Winbond speech controller to support a special feature called the ASUS POST Reporter™ . This feature gives you vocal POST messages and alerts to inform you of system events and boot status. In case of a boot failure, you will hear the specific cause of the problem.

These POST messages are customizable using the Winbond Voice Editor software that came with your package. You can record your own messages to replace the default messages.

Following is a list of the default POST messages and their corresponding actions, if any.

POST MessageAction

No CPU installed

• Install an Intel Pentium 4


478/Northwood Processor into the


CPU socket.



System failed CPU test

• Check the CPU if properly installed.


• Call ASUS technical support for


assistance. See the “ASUS contact


information” on page x.



System failed memory test

• Install 168-pin unbuffered


PC133 DIMMs into the DIMM




• Check if the DIMMs on the DIMM


sockets are properly installed.


• Make sure that your DIMMs are


not defective.


• Refer to section “2.3 System


memory” for instruction on installing





System failed VGA test

• Install a PCI VGA card into one of


the PCI slots, or a 1.5V AGP card


into the AGP slot.


• Make sure that your VGA/AGP card


is not defective.



System failed due to CPU over-clocking

In JumperFree mode, check your CPU settings in BIOS and make sure you only set to the recom- mended settings. See section “4.4 Advanced menu.”

In jumper mode, refer to section “2.7 Switches and jumpers.”


Chapter 3: Powering up