Video Off Option [Suspend -> Off ]

This field determines when to activate the video off feature for monitor power management. Configuration options: [Always On] [Suspend -> Off]

Video Off Method [DPMS OFF]

This field defines the video off features. The Display Power Management System (DPMS) feature allows the BIOS to control the video display card if it supports the DPMS feature. [Blank Screen] only blanks the screen. Use this for monitors without power management or “green” features.

Even if installed, your screen saver does not display when you select [Blank Screen] for the above field.

[V/H SYNC+Blank] blanks the screen and turns off vertical and horizontal scanning. Configuration options: [Blank Screen] [V/H SYNC+Blank] [DPMS Standby] [DPMS Suspend] [DPMS OFF] [DPMS Reduce ON]

HDD Power Down [Disabled]

Shuts down any IDE hard disk drives in the system after a period of inactivity as set in this user-configurable field. This feature does not affect SCSI hard drives. Configuration options: [Disabled] [1 Min] [2 Min] [3 Min]...[15 Min]

ACPI Suspend To RAM [Disabled]

This field allows you to enable or disable the ACPI Suspend-to-RAM feature. To support this feature, the +5VSB of the power supply should have the capacity to provide more than 720mA current. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]

Suspend Mode [Disabled]

Sets the time period before the system goes into suspend mode. Configuration options: [Disabled] [1~2 Min] [2~3 Min] [4~5 min] [8~9 Min] [20 Min] [30 Min]

PWR Button < 4 Secs [Soft Off]

When set to [Soft off], the ATX switch can be used as a normal system power-off button when pressed for less than 4 seconds. [Suspend] allows the button to have a dual function where pressing less than 4 seconds puts the system in sleep mode. Regardless of the setting, holding the ATX switch for more than 4 seconds powers off the system. Configuration options: [Soft off] [Suspend]

ASUS P4B-E motherboard user guide