ATX 12V connector. This power connector connects the 4-pin 12V plug from the ATX 12V power supply.

CPU socket. A 478-pin surface mount, Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket called mPGA478 B. This socket accommodates the Intel® Pentium® 4 478/Northwood Processor with 400MHz system bus.

North bridge controller. This controller called the Intel Memory Controller Hub (MCH) is one of the two major components of the Intel 845 (Brookdale) chipset. The MCH along with the south bridge Intel I/O Controller Hub 2 (ICH2) are interconnected through the Intel proprietary Hub interface. The MCH provides the processor interface, system memory interface, AGP interface, and Hub Interface.

SDRAM DIMM sockets. These three 168-pin DIMM sockets support up to 3GB using unbuffered ECC or non-ECC PC100/133 SDRAM DIMMs.

ATX power connector. This 20-pin connector connects to an ATX 12V power supply. The power supply must have at least 1A on the +5V standby lead (+5VSB).

Super I/O chipset. This Low Pin Count (LPC) interface provides the commonly used Super I/O functionality. The chipset supports a high-performance floppy disk controller for a 360K/720K/1.44M/ 2.88M floppy disk drive, a multi-mode parallel port, two standard compatible UARTs, a Standard Infrared (SIR), one MPU-401 UART mode compatible MIDI/game port, and a Flash ROM interface.

ASUS EZ Plug™ Auxilliary +12V connector. This ASUS patented auxilliary power connector is used if you don’t have an ATX +12V power supply. Connect a 4-pin device connector from a standard power supply to this connector to provide sufficient power to the CPU.

IDE connectors. These dual-channel bus master IDE connectors support up to four Ultra DMA/100/66, PIO Modes 3 & 4 IDE devices. Both the primary (blue) and secondary (black) connectors are slotted to prevent incorrect insertion of the IDE ribbon cable.

Floppy disk connector. This connector accommodates the provided ribbon cable for the floppy disk drive. One side of the connector is slotted to prevent incorrect insertion of the floppy disk cable.

ASUS P4B-E motherboard user guide