1.3.2 Pre-installed accessory

This motherboard is shipped with the heatsink retention module base already installed. This module should fit the retention mechanism that comes with a boxed CPU.

You do not have to remove the retention module base when installing the CPU or installing other motherboard components.

Retention Module Base

Figure 1-2 Pre-installed Heatsink Retention Module Base

1.4Special features

1.4.1 Product highlights

Latest processor technology

The P4B-E motherboard supports the latest Intel Pentium 4 478/ Northwood Processor, also known as P4, via a 478-pin surface mount ZIF socket. The Pentium 4 processor utilizes the advanced 0.18 micron processor core in FC-PGA2 package for a 2.0GHz frequency, while the Northwood processor uses the 0.13 micron processor core with 512KB L2 cache for up to a speedy 2.4GHz frequency. The P4 offers optimized performance for audio, video, and Internet applications.

ASUS POST Reporter™

P4B-E offers a new exciting feature called the ASUS POST Reporter™ to provide friendly voice messages and alerts during the Power-On Self-Tests (POST). Through the system’s internal speaker, or an added external speaker, you will hear the messages informing you of the system boot status and causes of boot errors, if any. The bundled Winbond Voice Editor software allows you to customize the voice messages, and provides multi-language support.


Chapter 1: Product introduction