This section describes and illustrates the internal connectors on the motherboard.

Some pins are used for connectors or power sources. These are clearly distinguished from jumpers in the Motherboard Layout. Placing jumper caps over these connector pins will cause damage to your motherboard.

Always connect ribbon cables with the red stripe to Pin 1 on the connectors. Pin 1 is usually on the side closest to the power connector on hard drives and CD-ROM drives, but may be on the opposite side on floppy disk drives.

1.Hard disk activity LED (2-pin HDLED)

This connector supplies power to the hard disk activity LED. The read or write activities of any device connected to the primary or secondary IDE connector cause this LED to light up.


TIP: If the case-mounted LED does not light, try reversing the 2-pin plug.


P4B-E HDD Activity LED

Figure 2-35 Hard Disk LED Connector


Chapter 2: Hardware information