Intel® LDCM Client Setup

This program is for monitoring the Client system. Install the LANDesk Client Manager to use the hardware manager features.

ASUS BIOS Flash Utility

This utility allows you to remotely flash the Client PC’s BIOS when used with the Intel LDCM Administrator.


This smart utility monitors the fan speed, CPU temperature, and system voltages, and alerts you on any detected problems. This utility helps you keep your computer at a healthy operating condition.

Winbond Voice Editor

This program is for recording and customizing wave files for the ASUS POST Reporter™ . Use this program if you wish to change the default vocal POST messages. See section “3.2 Vocal POST messages” for a list of the default messages.

Cyberlink Video and Audio Applications

This item installs the Cyberlink PowerPlayer SE 5.0 and Cyberlink VideoLive Mail 4.0.

Direct X

This item installs the Microsoft V8.0a driver.


This item installs the PC-cillin 2000 V7.61 anti-virus software. View the PC-cillin online help for detailed information.

The above PC-cillin version supports Windows XP operating system and maintains backward compatibility with Windows 95.

Acrobat Reader

This item installs the Adobe Acrobat Reader V5.0. The Acrobat Reader software is for viewing files saved in Portable Document Format (PDF).

E-Color 3Deep

This item installs the 3Deep software. 3Deep is the first application that gives online gamers the competitive edge in multi-player skirmishes. This application removes dark washed-out graphics to deliver true vibrant colors.

ASUS Screen Saver

This item installs the ASUS screen saver.


Chapter 5: Software support