PCI Audio Applications/

Running the C-Media Audio Demo Program

The C-Media audio demo program allows you to test and fine tune your speaker system. To launch the the multi-channel audio demo program, click on Start from your desktop, then select

Multi-Channel Audio Demo.

From the demo program interface, click on Help to display the instructions and hardware diagrams for configuring and testing your speaker system.

TV Box

To configure your speakers, launch the Speaker Channel Configuration menu by clicking on the TV Box on the program interface.

The functions of the Line Out (lime), Line In (blue), and Mic (pink) connectors on the rear panel change when you select the 6-channel audio configuration. Refer to the following table.

Connector Settings and Functions
















Line Out/

Line Out/


Line Out/


Front Spkr Out Front Spkr Out


Front Spkr Out





Light Blue

Line In

Rear Speaker Out

Rear Speaker Out







Mic In

Mic In


Center Speaker Out,











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