5.3.5 Multi-Channel Audio Feature

The C-Media PCI Audio Driver and Applications are included in the Support CD that came with your motherboard package. Install these programs to enable the multi-channel audio feature.

You must use 4 or 6 channel speakers for this setup.

Setting the C-Media Audio Mixer

1.Install the C-Media 6-channel PCI audio driver from the support CD.

2.After installation, the C-Media Mixer icon appears on the bottom right of the screen.

Mixer Icon

3. Click on the mixer icon to display the C-Media Audio Mixer.

Advanced Button

You may also launch the Mixer by clicking on the Start button on your Windows desktop, then select

Programs/PCI Audio Applications/

Mixer/Audio Rack.

4.Click on the Advanced button on the Mixer to display the Speaker, Volume, Sound Effects, and Options menus.

Make sure that the BCS1/BCS2 jumpers are set correctly before using the 6-channel audio feature. See page 2-22 for the settings.


Chapter 5: Software support