Onboard Parallel Port [378H/IRQ7]

This field sets the address of the onboard parallel port connector. If you disable this field, the Parallel Port Mode and ECP DMA Select configurations are not available. Configuration options: [Disabled] [378H/ IRQ7] [278H/IRQ5]

Parallel Port Mode [ECP+EPP]

This field allows you to set the operation mode of the parallel port. [Normal] allows normal-speed operation but in one direction only; [EPP] allows bidirectional parallel port operation; [ECP] allows the parallel port to operate in bidirectional DMA mode; [ECP+EPP] allows normal speed operation in a two-way mode. Configuration options: [Normal] [EPP] [ECP] [ECP+EPP]

ECP DMA Select [3]

This field allows you to configure the parallel port DMA channel for the selected ECP mode. This selection is available only if you select [ECP] or [ECP+EPP] in Parallel Port Mode above. Configuration options: [1] [3]

Onboard Card Reader Type [Disabled]

This field allows you to select the appropriate card reader type to match your device if you installed one. Keep the default setting [Disabled] if you did not install any. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Memory Stick] [Secure Digital]

Onboard AC97 Audio Controller [Auto]

Onboard AC97 Modem Controller [Auto]

[Auto] allows the BIOS to detect whether you are using any modem/audio device. If a modem/audio device is detected, the onboard modem/audio controller is enabled; if no modem/audio device is detected, the controller is disabled. If there are conflicts with the onboard modem/audio controller, set the appropriate field to [Disabled]. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Auto]

Speech POST Reporter [Enabled]

This field enables or disables the ASUS POST Reporter™ feature. See section “1.4 Special Features” and “3.2 Vocal POST messages” for more information. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]

ASUS P4B-E motherboard user guide