Onboard PCI IDE [Both]

This field allows you to enable either the primary IDE channel or secondary IDE channel, or both. You can also set both channels to [Disabled]. Configuration options: [Both] [Primary] [Secondary] [Disabled]

Onboard PCI Audio [Enabled]

This field allows you to enable or disable the onboard PCI audio feature. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]

4.4.2 I/O Device Configuration

Floppy Disk Access Control [R/W]

When set to [Read Only], this parameter protects files from being copied to floppy disks by allowing reads from, but not writes to, the floppy disk drive. The default setting [R/W] allows both reads and writes. Configuration options: [R/W] [Read Only]

Onboard Serial Port 1 [3F8H/IRQ4]

Onboard Serial Port 2 [2F8H/IRQ3]

These fields allow you to set the addresses for the onboard serial connectors. Serial Port 1 and Serial Port 2 must have different addresses. Configuration options: [3F8H/IRQ4] [2F8H/IRQ3] [3E8H/IRQ4] [2E8H/ IRQ10] [Disabled]

UART2 Use As [COM Port]

This field allows you to select the device on which to assign UART2. Configuration options: [COM Port] [IR] [Smart Card Reader]


Chapter 4: BIOS Setup