Teledyne 2230R MAINTENANCE 5.1CLEANING, 5.2CALIBRATION INTERVAL, Field, Factory, Calibration

Models: 2230R

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MODEL 2230R, Process Hydrogen Analyzer



If the unit is exposed to process streams containing debris, condensates or other material that may collect over the sensor tip then the unit should be removed from the stream periodically and the tip cleaned by a gentle wiping with a clean lint-free cloth or paper.


TELEDYNE ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS recommends that the system calibration be carried out if the unit fails Verification. Field Verification can occur as often as needed and is recommended when the tolerated sensor drift may result in unacceptably high errors. Anticipated drift rates and error calculations are explained in the Verification section of this manual. The user has two choices in calibrating the unit:




Contact TELEDYNE ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS to make arrangements



for a comprehensive Factory Calibration using high accuracy gases by


TELEDYNE ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS’s factory trained technicians;




optional NIST traceable certificate available upon request. An annual







Factory Calibration is advisable to optimize performance.




Refer to Sections 4.4 and 4.5 for the operational procedure. Customer-




specific Field Calibration Kits for the Model 2230R analyzer is available




from TELEDYNE ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS. Field Calibration is a 3 stage









1. Run Field Verification,







2. Run Field Calibration,




3. Repeat the Field Verification to confirm a successful Field Calibration.

In the event the Field Calibration procedure seems to not be effective, TELEDYNE ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS recommends the unit be shipped back to the factory for a comprehensive evaluation and Factory Calibration.


Field Verification and Field Calibration require the availability of at least two certified known gases at values specific to the user’s application. For optimization, the hydrogen concentrations of the gases implemented in Field Verification and Field Calibration must be the same. Flow rate recommended is 0.5 ± 0.2 slpm.

Verification / Calibration in an Inert (i.e. nitrogen) Background Gas:

For a unit calibrated in an inert gas (i.e. nitrogen) background, carry out Verification and Calibration in an inert (i.e. nitrogen) gas background.

Gas Connection

Gases are applied to the unit through user’s piping.

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Teledyne 2230R instruction manual MAINTENANCE 5.1CLEANING, 5.2CALIBRATION INTERVAL, Field, Factory, Calibration