For obtaining micro-foam, you should
maintain the absorption hole in the same
We recommend running steam
through the wand for a few seconds
(5'') after each use to clean and
prevent clogging.
To clean the absorption holes (A and
B), you can use a toothpick or a
paperclip. This will ensure the tube
is free of blockages. Hole B always
on the top (see picture 7)
After steaming milk, the steam has
to be purged before brewing (picture
6-. Preparation of hot water
1-.Put a cup under the steam tube
2-.Turn the hot water/steam knob
open and turn on the coffee switch
. Do the opposite operation
afterhaving obtained the required
7-. Maintenance and cleaning
General warning: Cleaning and
maintenance should be done when the
appliance is cold and disconnected from
the mains. Do not immerse the appliance
in water. It should not be cleaned in a
1-. Cleaning the outside: To clean the
outside of the machine, use alcohol 96ยบ
or specific products for polished
aluminium. if you have a colour dream,
for the painted parts, you can use a soft
cloth, moistened with water.
Remove the tray regularly and clean it.
If the machine is not to be used for some
time, empty the water reservoir.
Clean the steam tube with a damp cloth
immediately after use. To cleanthe inside
of the steam tube, allow the water to
circulate. To clean the absorption hole,
you can use a toothpick or a paperclip.
This will ensure the tube is free of
2-. Internal cleaning: To obtain top
quality espresso coffee it is vital to clean
the inner workings of the machine. To
clean the interior of the distribution unit,
use Ascaso Coffee Washer. This product
is also useful to prevent limescale
buildup in the machine. Regular
descaling will contribute to ensuring top
quality coffee and it will prolong the
useful life of the machine.
Consult your distributor.
Coffee Washer use recommendations:
To avoid limescale buildup, you can also
use water treatment filters. However, it
is advisable to clean the machine in
accordance with consumption. Using
filters and Coffee Washer will help to
maintain the coffee machine in optimum
working condition for longer.
It is advisable not to leave the pod
or ground coffee in the filterholder.
Otherwise, coffee will build up
affecting the taste of the coffee.
Should this occur, run a load of water
through the system.
3-. Cleaning the filterholders and the
Mobile filterholder: Wash the filterholder
in hot water with a neutral detergent.
Rinse thoroughly. Dry the filterholder
with a soft cloth. Do not wash it in the
The filters, tray and reservoir can be
cleaned in the top of the dishwasher. If
you wash them by hand, do not forget
to rinse thoroughly. Dry with a soft cloth.
Use a brush or similar item to remove
coffee residue from the showerhead.

(Mobile filterholder)

The showerhead must be
cleaned after 80 to 100
espresso coffees have
been made. This should
done as follows:
Remove and clean the
showerhead with hot water
with a neutral detergent.
Once clean, replace it,
following the instructions
for the previous operation
in reverse.
8-. Guarantee
The guarantee for this appliance is the
receipt of purchase. Please keep this.
This receipt must be shown at the
Service Centre in the event of
This appliance is guaranteed for our
distributor(from the date of purchase)
against any manufacturing fault or in
the materials used.
The amount paid for transport and
packaging which may arise are payable
by the user.
This guarantee will not be valid if:
1-.The receipt of purchase is not
2-.The machine has not been cleaned
sufficiently or limescale has built up.
3-.The machine has not been cleaned
suficiently or limescale has built up.
4-.The appliance has been dismantled
by people who are not authorised by
the Ascaso Official Technical
Assistance Network.

9-. EC declaration of


ASCASO FACTORY SL declares that
the product referred to in this declaration
- espresso coffee machine - complies
with the requirements of the Directive
of 14th of June 1989 on the
standardisation of the laws of Member
States with regard to machinery
(89/392/EEC), on electrical material
(73/23/EEC) and on electromagnetic
compatibility (89/396/EEC).
ascaso ascaso
22 23
Coffee/day Descaling
>10 every month
5-10 every 2 months
1-5 every 3 months
Picture 8
Picture 8