GE E4H-CE Series, E8-CE Series plumbing to the valve, Troubleshooting, Symptom, Possible Causes

Models: 000 gpd to 288 E4H-CE Series, E8-CE Series 000 gpd

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normal or higher than normal








Low permeate flow rate

Operating on cold water less

Install a hot/cold feed water


than 13°C (55°F)

tempering valve if more per-



meate flow is needed.



Operate with a feed water



temperature of 22° - 25°C



(72° -77°F).





Membrane elements installed

Install membrane elements in


backward or damaged concen-

the direction of fluid flow.


trate seal

Flush and clean the machine



immediately. Membrane ele-



ments with damaged seals



should be cleaned and may be



returned for repair.




Low concentrate flow rate,

Concentrate valve plugged

Remove the concentrate valve

normal or higher than normal


and/or disassemble the



plumbing. Clean the valve.





Concentrate outline line

Examine the concentrate line



for obstructions or kinks,



repair or replace the tubing.





Flow meter inaccurate

Check the flow rate manually



with a stopwatch and calibrat-



ed container.





Dirty concentrate valve

Disassemble and clean the



plumbing to the valve.








Page 32
Image 32
GE E4H-CE Series, E8-CE Series, 000 gpd to 288 plumbing to the valve, Troubleshooting, Symptom, Possible Causes, Remedies