20 Room Air ConditionerWrap the insulation material around theconnecting portion.
Overlap the connection pipe insulation material
and the indoor unit pipe insulation material. Bind
them together with vinyl tape so that there is no
Route the indoor tubing and the drainhose to the required piping hole position.
Plastic bands Insulation material
Connection pipe
Flare nut
Indoor unit tubing
Torque wrench
Spanner (fixed)
Vinyl tape(narrow)
Drain pipe
Indoor unit drain hose
When extending the drain hose at the indoor
unit, install the drain pipe.
Tighten the flare nut with a wrench.
For right rear piping Connecting the pipings to the indoor unitand drain hose to drain pipe.
Put a couple drops of refrigerant oil on the face
of the flare before assembling taking care not to
add any contaminants.
Align the center of the pipings and sufficiently
tighten the flare nut by hand.
Indoor unit tubing Flare nut Pipings
Drain hose
Ø6.35 1/4 180~250
Ø9.52 3/8 340~420
Ø12.7 1/2 550~660
Ø15.88 5/8 630~820
Ø19.05 3/4 980~1210
Outside diameter
mm inch Torque
Vinyl tape(narrow)
Connecting cable
Vinyl tape
(wide) Wrap with vinyl tape
unit pipe
Bundle the piping and drain hose together by
wrapping them with vinyl tape over the range
within which they fit into the rear piping housing
Wrap with vinyl tape
Drain hose
Vinyl tape(wide)
Wrap the area which accommodates the rear piping
housing section with vinyl tape.
Mount the clamp on the boss with a type "B"
screw.(SE-H/P: 9k, 12k C/O: 12k)
Drain hose
Type "B" screw