Service Manual 7
Safety Precautions
Do not install the product where
the noise or hot air from the out-
door unit could damage the
It may cause a problem for your
Use two or more people to lift
and transport the air conditioner
Avoid personal injury.
Do not install the product where
it will be exposed to sea wind
(salt spray) directly.
It may cause corrosion in the
product. Corrosion, particularly
on the condenser and evaporator
fins, could cause product mal-
function or inefficient operation.
Do not direct airflow at room
This could damage your health.
Do not use the product for special
purposes, such as preserving
foods, works of art, etc. It is a
consumer air conditioner, not a
precision refrigeration system.
There is risk of damage or loss of
Do not block the inlet or outlet
of air flow.
It may cause product failure.
Use a soft cloth to clean.
Do not use harsh detergents,
solvents, etc.
There is risk of fire, electric shock
or damage to the plastic parts of
the product.
Do not touch the metal parts of
the product when removing the
air filter. They are very sharp!
There is risk of personal injury.
Do not step on or put anything
on the product. (outdoor unit)
There is risk of personal injury
and failure of product.