6Room Air Conditioner
Safety Precautions
Ventilate the product from time
to time when operating it togeth-
er with a stove, etc.
• There is risk of fire or electrical
Unplug the appliance before
performing cleaning or mainte-
• There is risk of electric shock.
When the product is not be used
for a long time disconnect the
power supply plug or turn off
the breaker.
• There is risk of product damage
or failure, or unintended opera-
Take care to ensure that nobody could step on or
fall onto the outdoor unit.
• There could result in personal injury and product
Do not insert hands or other objects through the
air inlet or outlet while the air conditioner is
plugged in.
• There are sharp and moving parts that could cause
personal injury.
Always check for gas(refriger-
ant) leakage after installation or
repair of product.
• Low refrigerant levels may cause
product failure.
Install the drain hose to ensure
that water is drained away prop-
• A bad connection may cause
water leakage.
Keep level even when installing
the product.
• To avoid vibration or water leak-