44 Room Air Conditioner
Troubleshooting Guide
(1) Confirm that both the 2-way and 3-way
valves are set to the open position.
Remove the valve stem caps and confirm
that the valve stems are in the raised posi-
Be sure to use a hexagonal wrench to
operate the valve stems.
(2) Operate the unit for 10 to 15 minutes.
(3) Stop operation and wait for 3 minutes,
then connect the charge set to the service
port of the 3-way valve.
Connect the charge hose with the push pin
to the service port.
(4) Air purging of the charge hose.
Open the low-pressure valve on the charge
set slightly to air purge from the charge
(5) Set the 2-way valve to the closed position.
(6) Operate the air conditioner at the cooling
cycle and stop it when the gauge indi-
cates 1kg/cm2g.
(7) Immediately set the 3-way valve to the
closed position.
Do this quickly so that the gauge ends up
indicating 3 to 5kg/cm2g.
(8) Disconnect the charge set, and mount the
2-way and 3-way valves stem nuts and
the service port nut.
Use torque wrench to tighten the service
port nut to a torque of 1.8 kg.m.
Be sure to check for gas leakage.
Purge the air
Outdoor unit
Indoor unit Liquid side
Gas side
Pumping Down
Do not use the existing charge set for R-22.
It is necessary to use new charge set for R-
410A. The pressure of R-410A is 1.6 times
higher than that of R-22. Thus, the high pres-
sure side gauge of charge set should be used
higher pressure gauge of 50kg/cm2range.