Solving Common Problems

Before contacting the after-sales service, perform the following simple checks.

They may save you the time and expense of an unnecessary call.





The air conditioner does not operate at all

Check that the breaker used for the air conditioner is switched on.

Check that the indoor unit is turned on;

if necessary press the (On/Off) button on the remote control.

Check whether the Timer indicator on the indoor unit is switched on. If so:

-Wait until the switch-on time is reached and the air conditioner starts up automatically.

-Cancel the Timer (see page 15 for further details)

The air conditioner does not operate with the remote control

Check that there are no obstacles between you and the indoor unit.

Check the remote control batteries.

Check that you are close enough to the indoor unit (7 metres /yards or less).

No beep is heard when you press the (On/Off) button on the remote control

Check that you are pointing the remote control at the remote control sensor of the indoor unit.

Replace the remote control batteries if necessary.

The air conditioner does not cool or heat

Check that the correct operating mode has been selected (Cool, Auto, Heat).

The room temperature may be too low or too high.

Dust may be blocking the air filter guard; refer to page 19 for cleaning instructions.

Check that there is no obstacle in front of the outdoor unit.

The fan speed does not

Check that the operating mode is set to Cool, Heat or Fan ;


in the Auto, Turbo, Long and Dry mode, the fan speed is controlled

when you press the




The air flow direction does not change when you press the or button

Check that the air conditioner has been switched on; if necessary, press the (On/Off) button on the remote control.

The Timer is not correctly triggered

Check that the timer has been programmed correctly; see page 15.

Odour is permeated in the

Air the room.

room during air conditioning


Smoke is generated from the outdoor unit.

It may not be a fire but it can be a steam generated by the defrost operation from outdoor heat exchanger during Heat mode in winter.


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