Removing Excess Humidity

If the atmosphere in your room is very humid or damp, you can remove excess humidity without lowering the room temperature too much.

1 If necessary, press the (On/Off) button.

Result: u The power indicator on the control panel comes on. u The indoor unit beeps.

IMPORTANT The air conditioner is fitted with a protection mechanism to prevent the unit from being damaged when it is started immediately after being:

Switched on


lt will start up normally after three minutes.

2 If the is not displayed on the control panel, press the button on the remote control one or more times until it appears.

Result: u The indoor unit beeps each time you press the


u The air conditioner runs in the Dry mode.

Note You can change modes at any time.

3 To adjust the temperature, press the

buttons one or more times

until the required temperature is displayed. Possible temperatures

are between 18°C and 30°C inclusive.


Result: u Each time you press the


- The temperature is adjusted by 1°C. - The indoor unit beeps.

u The air conditioner starts removing the excess humidity;

the quantity of air is adjusted automatically.

4 The fan speed is selected automatically(: Automatic).

5To control the direction of the air flow, refer to page 14.


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