Heating Your Room

You must select the Heat mode if you wish to adjust the :

Heating temperature

Fan speed when heating

1 If necessary, press the (On/Off) button.

Result: u The power indicator on the control panel comes on.

uThe indoor unit beeps.

IMPORTANT The air conditioner is fitted with a protection mechanism to prevent the unit from being damaged when it is started immediately after being:

Switched on


lt will start up normally after three minutes.

2 If the is not displayed on the control panel, press the button on the remote control one or more times until it appears.

Result: u The indoor unit beeps each time you press the


u The air conditioner runs in the Heat mode.

Note You can change modes at any time.

3To adjust the temperature, press the buttons on the remote

control or

buttons on the control panel one or more times

until the required temperature is displayed. Possible temperatures

are between 16°C and 30°C inclusive.






u Each time you press the






- The temperature is adjusted by 1°C.





- The indoor unit beeps.






u The air conditioner starts heating, provided that the room



temperature is lower than the selected temperature.




u For the first 3~5 minutes, the fan may not operate to prevent



the cool air from running out of the indoor unit.




u If the room temperature reachs the set temperature, the air



conditioner stops heating, but the fan is still operating.



u The Defrost indicator( ) appears when frost forms on the



outdoor unit and disappears automatically after removing frost.

4 Select the fan speed by pressing the

button on the remote control


button one or more times until the required setting is displayed :



Automatic(rotated :
















Each time you press the

button, the indoor unit beeps.

5 To control the direction of the air flow, refer to page 14.




You can't control the airflow direction when the fan



doesn't operate.




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