Selection of Installation Place


Indoor Unit

Top view

Install the unit at a place close to the wall facing the outside as it is necessary



to perform piping connection with the outdoor unit.



- It is effective to install the unit at a window side to ensure uniform



distribution of indoor temperature.

Above 50cm

Install the unit at a place where there is no obstacle against the wind around



the air inlet and air outlet.


Install the unit horizontally at a stable, rigid place.


(When installing the unit at a place subjected to oscillation, noise may occur.)

Side view

Avoid a place near the door which is frequented by people.







Avoid a place subject to direct sunlight.





Outdoor Unit


























Do not install the outdoor unit on a wood palette.









Fix the outdoor unit completely to the base surface with anchor bolts.









The manufacturer is not responsible for the damage occurred by not
















keeping standard of the installation.








Above 100cm



A place free from the risk of combustible gas leakage.

A place which can bear the weight of the unit.

A place which can bear the fixing strength of the outdoor unit.

Avoid a place subject to oil (including machine oil).

Avoid a saline place.

Avoid a place subject to sulfide gas (hot spring zone).

(When installing the unit at such special environmental conditions, it may cause machine trouble. When it is unavoidable to use such places, It requires special maintenance.)

A place where the discharge air and noise of the outdoor unit do not disturb the neighborhood. (Take special care not to cause any inconvenience to your neighbors when installing the unit on the borderline with your neighborhood.)

A place where strong wind does not head against the air outlet of the outdoor unit. (If a strong wind heads directly against the air outlet at the time of cooling operation, a safety device can be operated.)

Do not install the outdoor unit at an unstable place such as outer wall of an apartment or building. The outdoor unit may fall down, causing severe personal or property damage or loss.

If there is any unavoidable reason to install the unit at such a place, take the following measures against the wind;

1. When installing the unit at a roadside concentrated with buildings,


install it parallel with the road.


2.Install the unit so that the air outlet faces toward the wall at a place such as rooftop, which may be subjected to strong wind.

The outdoor unit should be installed in accordance with the service space.

outlet Air

Strong wind

Roof top



Above 60cm







Above 50cm





Above 50cm







Space for piping











and wiring





Space for piping


Above 30cm

Above 60cm





and wiring



















Above 30cm




















The air inlet faces toward the wall.


The air outlet faces towards the wall.

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