View of the Unit

Indoor Unit

Air flow blades (up/down orientation)

Air flow blades (right/left orientation)

Air outlet

Remote control holder



Air filter




To open the grille


u Hold


Air inlet

upper part


of the grille, then


pull it slightly



Control Panel You can operate the air conditioner with the control panel when you do not wish to or cannot operate the air conditioner with the remote control.

Using the control panel, you can adapt the On/Off, temperature, fan speed, operation mode and air swing setting to your specific requirements.

Timer indicator




Set temperature



Operating mode indicators








Indoor temperature

(Cool, Heat, Auto, Dry, Fan)















Outdoor operating indicator



























































Remote control sensor






Long function indicator










On/Off button







































Lock function indicator








Fan speed








Temperature adjustment















Defrost indicator


























Fan speed adjustment button

Turbo function indicator

















Operation mode selection button










































Air Swing button




















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