Drilling a Hole in the Wall

Drill a hole of 70mm in diameter to the outside.

The drilling should be done at a distance of less than

150mm from the floor facing the indoor unit.

ø70mm Less than


Drain Hose

Extend the drain hose to the drain hose connected to the drain pan, and fix it with the tape or a cable-tie to

prevent separation. Then make a covering of it so that

Drain pan

water cannot flow outwardly.



Vinyl Chloride


Piping Material


(Outer diameter ø16mm)





Foamed Polyethylene




Drain hose Indoor and outdoor



unit connection

1.As the draining is of natural drain type, make the drain hose direct downward.

2.If there is any foreign substance in the drain plate, it may clog the drain pipe. Therefore, be sure to remove the foreign substance inside after installation.

3.After completion of installation, be sure to pour water into the drain pan, and then check the draining condition.(There is no problem in draining when the draining is completed within 20 seconds.)

Connecting the Pipe

The piping of this unit can be connected to the right, left, and rear side.

When you hit the area for piping connection slightly with a hammer, a hole is made.

After connecting the piping and drain hose, insert the rubber cap as shown in the figure.

Holes for piping


connection (2 points)

Cover hole

E-28The shape of hole may vary with the models.

AP50Q1C_IBIM_E 32202-2.indd 28



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