Remote Control-Buttons

All air conditioner features except Lock function can be controlled from your seat by using the remote control. You must operate the Turbo, Long function and Off Timer with the remote control.


Temperature adjustment buttons

Air flow swing buttons



Operation mode selection button


(Cool, Heat, Auto, Dry, Fan)

Off Timer button

Turbo/Long function button


(Only in the cool mode)


Fan speed adjustment button


On/Off button

Inserting the Remote Control Batteries

You must insert or replace the remote control batteries when :

uYou purchase the air conditioner

uThe remote control does not work correctly

Note u Use two AAA, LR03 1.5V batteries.

u Do not use old batteries or different kinds of batteries together. u Batteries may be completely discharged after 12 months,

even if they have not actually been used.

1Push the battery cover on the rear of the remote control with your thumb in the direction of the arrow and remove it.

2 Insert the two batteries, taking care to respect the polarities : u + on the batt ery with + on the remote control.

u - on the battery with - on the remote control.

3Close the cover by sliding it back until it clicks into place.


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