Getting Started

You have just purchased a floor stand type air conditioner and it has been installed by your installation specialist.

Your Manual contains valuable information on using your

air conditioner. Please take the time to read it as it will help you take full advantage of the unit’s features.

The booklet is organized as follows.

uThe following figures are shown on pages from 4 to 5 :

-Indoor unit

-Remote control(buttons and display)

They will help you find the buttons and understand the symbols displayed.

uIn the manual, you will find a series of step-by-step procedures for each function available.

The illustrations in the step-by-step procedures use three different symbols:













For the...

The illustrations are...






Remote control

In the upper part.








Unit itself

In the lower part.








Operating Preparation

Look around the indoor and outdoor units. Confirm if any obstacles that may prevent the air flow are present near the air conditioner.

Turn the power switch on.

IMPORTANT To operate the unit, the power switch is fitted to the wall and should be set to ON.


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