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Versatile Interface Processor (VIP6-80) Installation and Configuration Guide
Product Numbers: VIP6-80(=), MEM-VIP6-64M-SD(=), MEM-VIP6-128M-SD(=), MEM-VIP6-256M-SD(=)
Customer Order Number DOC-7814372=


This document describes the Versatile Interface Processor (VIP6-80), an option available for use with
the Cisco 7500 series and the Cisco 7000 series routers using the 7000 Series Route Switch Processor
(RSP7000) and 7000 Series Chassis Interface (RSP7000CI). The VIP6-80 improves high-performance
switching over previous generation VIPs.
The VIP6-80 supports online insertion and removal (OIR), a feature that allows you to remove and
replace a VIP6-80 without first shutting down the system. However, the VIP6-80 does not support OIR
of port adapters (PAs). The VIP6-80 must be removed before removing or installing the port adapter.
The VIP6-80 also supports Single Line Card Reload, a feature that reloads a failed line card on the
network backplane without reloading other line cards. Refer to the “Single Line Card Reload” section
on page 32 for more information.
The VIP6-80 supports any combination of LAN and WAN PAs, including Fast Ethernet, T1/E1,
High-Speed Serial Interface (HSSI), T3/E3, T3/E3 ATM, multichannel T1/E1, multichannel T3/E3,
OC-3 ATM, Packet over SONET (POS), and OC-12 ATM. For a list of supported port adapters, refer to
the “Port Adapter Slots” section on page 7.


This guide includes the following sections:
Related Documentation, page 2
Product Description, page 3
Installation Prerequisites, page 10