Fisher & Paykel DE62T27C, DG62T27C Installation instructions, wire connections

Models: DE62T27C

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3-wire connections

Installation instructions

3-wire connections


For use where local codes permit grounding through the Neutral wire.


Use approved 3-wire Power Supply Cord or a 3-wire Cable for Direct Wiring as described on


page 23.


1 Remove the terminal block cover plate.


2Insert the power cord with a UL listed strain relief through the hole provided in the cabinet near the terminal block. Do not tighten strain relief screw until wiring connections are complete. Note: a strain relief must be used.


Fig.23 Inserting the power cord

strain relief clamp sections

strain relief screws

3Loosen or remove the center terminal block screw. Connect the neutral wire (center) of the power supply cord to the center terminal screw of the terminal block. Tighten screw.

4Connect the other wires to the upper and lower terminal block screws marked with the letter L. Tighten screws.



Fig.24 Connecting the wires


5Refit terminal block cover by inserting the two tabs first on the rear panel of the dryer. Secure cover with securing screw.

6Tighten strain relief screws.



Fig.25 Refitting terminal block cover

Fig.26 Tightening strain relief screws

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Fisher & Paykel DE62T27C, DG62T27C installation instructions Installation instructions, wire connections