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Basic Playback ALoad a cassette.
Make sure the window side is up, the rear label side is
facing you and the arrow on the front of the cassette is
pointed toward the recorder.
Do not apply too much pressure when inserting.
If the record safety tab has been removed, playback begins
The recorder’s power comes on automatically and the counter
is reset to 0:00:00.
BFind the programme start point.
If the tape is advanced past the start point, press 3. To
go forward, press 5.
CStart playback.
Press 4. “bESt” appears blinking in the recorder’s front
display panel during automatic tracking. (pg.21)
DStop playback.
Press 8 on the remote control or 0 on the recorder’s
front panel. Then press 0 to remove the cassette.
Turn on the TV and select the video channel (or
AV mod e).

Clean the video heads using a dry cleaning

cassette — TCL-2 — when:

Rough, poor picture appears while a tape is played back.
The picture is unclear or no picture appears.
“USE CLEANING CASSETTE” appears on the screen (only
with “O.S.D.” set to “ON” (pg.37)).
The heads get dirty in the following cases:
in an environment prone to extreme temperature or
in a dusty environment
flaw, dirt or mold on video tapes
continuous usage for a long time

Usable cassettes

Compact VHS camcorder recordings can be played on this
video recorder. Simply place the recorded cassette into a
VHS Cassette Adapter and it can be used just like any
full-sized VHS cassette.
This video recorder can record on regular VHS and Super
VHS cassettes. While only VHS signals can be recorded on
regular VHS cassettes*, both VHS and Super VHS signals
can be recorded and played back using Super VHS
* By using the S-VHS ET function, it is possible to record and
play back with S-VHS picture quality on VHS cassettes
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