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Page 40 December 4, 2001 5:11 pm
Tuner Set
Your recorder needs to memorize all necessary stations in
channel positions in order to record TV programmes. Auto
Channel Set automatically assigns all receivable stations in your
area to call them up by using the PR buttons without going
through any vacant channels.

Auto Channel Set

ATurn on the recorder.
Press 1.
BAccess the Main Menu screen.
Press MENU.
CAccess the Auto Channel Set screen.
DSelect your country.
Press rt to move the highlight bar (pointer) to your
country’s name, then press OK or e.
ESelect the language.
Press rt to move the highlight bar (pointer) to the
language of your choice.
Turn on the TV and select the video channel (or
AV mod e).
Perform the following steps only if —
— Auto Channel Set has not been set correctly by Auto Set
Up (pg.10).
— you have moved to a different area or if a new station
starts broadcasting in your area.
Press rt to move the
highlight bar (pointer) to
“AUTO CH SET���, then press
OK or e. Page 40 Tuesday, December 4, 2001 5:32 PM