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Page 23 February 20, 2002 11:23 am
DSet the tape speed.
Press SP/LP (p).
ESet the VPS/PDC mode.
Press VPS/PDC to select “ON” or “OFF”.
If “VPS/PDC ON” is displayed on the TV screen, VPS/PDC is
set to ON.
If “VPS/PDC OFF” is displayed on the TV screen, VPS/PDC is
set to OFF.
“VPS/PDC Recording” on page25.
FReturn to the normal screen.
on the TV screen for about 5 seconds, then the normal
screen appears.
Repeat steps 16 for each additional programme.
GEngage the recorder’s timer mode.
Press # (TIMER). The recorder turns off automatically and
#” appears on the front display panel.
To disengage the timer mode, press # (TIMER) again.
To Change The Stop Time . . .
. . . press STOP +/– after pressing OK in step 3. You can
compensate for anticipated programme schedule delays.
To Timer-Record Weekly Or Daily Serials . . .
. . . after pressing OK in step 3, press WEEKLY (number key
9”) for weekly serials or DAILY (number key8”) for daily
serials (Monday — Friday). Either “WEEKLY” or “DAILY”
appears on the TV screen. Pressing the button again makes the
corresponding indication disappear.
You can programme this recorder to timer-record as many as 8
programmes. If you try to programme the recorder to record a
ninth, “PROGRAM FULL” appears on the TV screen. To record
the extra programme, you must first cancel any unnecessary
programmes (pg.26).
It is not possible to timer-record a TV programme with a
SHOWVIEW number which starts with “0”.
If there is a conflict in the timer schedule and one programme
overlaps with another, the programme starting earlier or
programme with the lower programme number will be
Satellite Receiver Users
To timer-record a satellite broadcast using the SHOWVIEW
ASet “L-2 SELECT” to “A/V” (pg.31).
BPerform steps 17.
CSet the satellite receiver to the appropriate channel before
the selected programme begins.
DLeave the satellite receiver’s power on.
Guide Program Number Set
“GUIDE PROG SET” appears after performing step 3 if the
Guide Program number for the SHOWVIEW number you
entered has not been set.
Press the number keys or rt to input the channel
position number on which your recorder receives that
station, then press OK or e to set the Guide Program
number. The SHOWVIEW Program screen appears.
To timer-record a ZDF
programme with the
SHOWVIEW system.
* If your recorder receives ZDF on
the channel position 2, press OK
or e after entering “2”. Page 23 Wednesday, February 20, 2002 11:34 AM