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Page 17 January 23, 2002 11:13 am
Next Function Memory
The Next Function Memory “tells” the recorder what to do after
rewinding. Before continuing, make sure the recorder is in the
Stop mode.
a- For Automatic Start Of Playback
Press 3, then press 4 within 2 seconds.
b- For Automatic Power Off
Press 3, then press 1 within 2 seconds.
c- For Automatic Timer Standby
Press 3, then press # (TIMER) within 2 seconds.
Repeat Playback
Your recorder can automatically play back the whole tape 100
times repeatedly.
1Start playback.
Press 4.
2Activate Repeat Playback.
Press 4 and hold for over 5 seconds, then release.
The Play indicator ( $) on the front display panel blinks
After playing back a tape 100 times, the recorder stops
3Stop Repeat Playback.
Press 8 at any time.
Pressing 4, 3, 5 or 9 also stops Repeat Playback.
Manual Tracking
Your recorder is equipped with automatic tracking control.
During playback, you can override this and adjust the tracking
manually by pressing the PR buttons.
1Override automatic tracking.
Press p on the remote control.
2Adjust the tracking manually.
Press PR + or on the remote control.
Press p again to return to automatic tracking.
When a new tape is inserted, the recorder enters the automatic
tracking mode automatically.
Soundtrack Selection
Your recorder is capable of recording three soundtracks (HI-FI L,
HI-FI R and NORM) and will play back the one you select.
During Playback
Pressing AUDIO changes the soundtrack as follows:
“HI FI L j h R” should normally be selected. In this mode,
Hi-Fi stereo tapes are played back in stereo, and the normal
audio track is played back automatically for tapes with only
normal audio.
For instructions on recording stereo and bilingual
programmes, refer to page 20.
“O.S.D.” must be set to “ON” or the on-screen displays will
not appear (pg.37).
On-Screen Display
L j h R For Hi-Fi stereo tapes
L j For main audio of Bilingual tapes
h R For sub audio of Bilingual tapes
NORM For audio-dubbed tapes
NORM For audio-dubbed tapes Page 17 Wednesday, January 23, 2002 11:13 AM