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When “O.S.D.” is set to “ON” (pg.37), various operational indicators appear on the TV screen.
AOperation Mode Indicators
BTape speed SP/LP/EP
* EP is for NTSC playback only.
CTape Direction
DCounter Display
ETape Remaining Time Indicator pg.19
FAudio Mode Display pg.17
GTape Position Indicator
The tape position indicator
appears on the TV screen
when you press 3 or
5from the Stop mode
or perform an Index Search
(pg.16). The position of
q” in relation to “0”
(beginning) or “+” (end)
shows you where you are
on the tape.
Depending on the type of tape being used, the tape position
indicator may not appear correctly.
HVPS/PDC Indicator pg. 23, 25
IType of broadcast pg.20
JCurrent Day/Month/Year
KClock Display
LChannel Position Number and Station Name/
Auxiliary Input Indicator (L-1, L-2, F-1 or SAT*)
* When “L-2 SELECT” is set to “SAT” (pg. 31), “SAT” appears
instead of “L-2”.
MS-VHS ET Indicator
(S-VHS ET : ON/S-VHS ET : OFF) pg. 20, 39
N“Cassette Loaded” Mark
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