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Recording Features

Record One Programme While

Watching Another

If your recorder is connected to the TV via the AV
connection, press TV/VCR. The recorder’s VCR indicator
and the TV broadcast being recorded disappear. Once
recording is in progress, all you need to do is to set the
channel controls on the TV for the station you wish to
The programme selected with the TV’s channel controls
appears on the TV screen, while the one selected with the
recorder’s PR buttons is recorded on the tape.
If a decoder is connected to the recorder (pg.34), you can
select a scrambled channel as well with the TV channel

Instant Timer Recording (ITR)

This easy method lets you record for from 30 minutes to 6 hours
(selectable in 30-min. increments), and shuts the recorder off
after recording is finished.
1Start recording.
Press 7 on the recorder.
2Engage the ITR mode.
Press 7 again. ““ blinks and “0:30” appears on the
front display panel.
3Set the recording duration.
If you want to record for more than 30 minutes, press 7
to extend the time. Each press extends recording time by
30 minutes.
You can only perform ITR using the 7 button on the recorder’s
front panel.

Elapsed Recording Time Indication

1Display the counter.
Press – –:– – so that a counter reading appears on the TV
2Reset the counter.
Press 0000 before starting recording or playback.
The counter is reset to “0:00:00” and shows the exact elapsed
time as the tape runs. You can check the exact time of a
recording or playback.

Tape Remaining Time

Press – –:– – so that the time remaining on the tape
appears on the TV screen.
Depending on the type of tape being used, the tape remaining
time reading may not appear right away, or is not correct.
“––:– –” may sometimes appear, or the display may blink on
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