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SHOWVIEW® Timer Programming
With the SHOWVIEW system, timer programming is greatly
simplified because each TV programme has a corresponding
code number which your recorder is able to recognize.
AAccess the SHOWVIEW screen.
BEnter the SHOWVIEW number.
CAccess the SHOWVIEW Program screen.
If the number you entered is invalid, “ERROR” appears on the
TV screen. Press & and input a valid SHOWVIEW number.
If the “GUIDE PROG SET” screen appears, see “ATTENTION”
on page23.
Before performing the SHOWVIEW Timer
Make sure that the recorder’s built-in clock is set properly.
Insert a cassette with the safety tab in place. The recorder
will come on automatically.
Turn on the TV and select the video channel (or AV mode).
Press PROG.
Press the number keys to
enter the SHOWVIEW number
of a programme you wish to
If you make a mistake, press &
and input the correct number.
Press OK, then the
SHOWVIEW Program screen
appears (if you’re just starting
out, “P1” appears).
Make sure the channel position number you wish to record is
displayed; if not, see “SHOWVIEW® System Setup” on page49
and set the Guide Program number correctly. Page 22 Wednesday, February 20, 2002 11:49 AM