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Page 46 December 4, 2001 5:11 pm
Clock Set
ATurn on the recorder.

Press 1.

BAccess the Main Menu screen.
Press MENU.
CAccess the Initial Set screen.

Press rt to move the highlight bar (pointer) to “INITIAL

SET”, then press OK or e.

DAccess the Clock Set screen.

Press rt to move the highlight bar (pointer) to “CLOCK

SET”, then press OK or e. The Clock Set screen appears.

When you have selected MAGYARORSZÁG,
POLSKA or OTHER EASTERN EUROPE for the country setting
(pg.10, 13), you cannot use Just Clock function. Skip steps 6
and 7 on page47.
Turn on the TV and select the video channel (or
AV mod e).

Just Clock

The Just Clock function provides accurate time keeping
through automatic adjustments at regular intervals, by
reading data from a PDC signal.
The Just Clock option can be set “ON” or “OFF” at the Clock
Set screen (the default setting is “OFF”). Press OK until the
Just Clock setting begins blinking, then press rt to change
the setting.
IMPORTANT: If you turn off Just Clock, the accuracy of your
recorder’s built-in clock may be reduced, which could
adversely effect timer recording. We recommend you to keep
Just Clock on. In cases where the clock setting data from a
PDC signal is incorrect, however, you are advised to keep
Just Clock set to “OFF”.
If you performed Auto Set Up (pg.10) or Auto Channel
Set (pg.40), without ever having set the clock previously,
the recorder’s built-in clock is also set automatically.
Perform the following steps only if —
—Auto Clock Set has not been performed correctly by Auto
Set Up or Auto Channel Set.
—the recorder’s memory backup has expired.
—you want to change Just Clock setting (“Just Clock” in
the left column). Page 46 Tuesday, December 4, 2001 5:32 PM