Technical Information
The serial connector which is on the connector panel of the projector conforms to the RS-232C interface
specification, so that the projector can be controlled by a personal computer which is connected to this connecter.


JPin assignments and signal names

JCommunication settings

JBasic format

The projector can not receive any command for 10 seconds after the lamp is switched on. Wait 10 seconds
before sending the command.
If sending multiple commands, check that a response has been received from the projector for one
command before sending the next command.
When a command which does not require parameters to be sent, the colon (:) is not required.
If an incorrect command is sent from the personal computer, the ER401 command will be sent from the
projector to the personal computer.
Serial terminal
Pin No. Signal name Contents
BTXD Transmitted data
CRXD Received data
EGND Earth
GRTS Connected internally
Signal level RS-232C Character length 8 bits
Sync. method Asynchronous Stop bit 1 bit
Baud rate 9 600 bps X parameter None
Parity None S parameter None
The data streaming from the computer will
start with STX, and proceed to Command,
Parameter and end with ETX. You can
add the required parameter.
D-sub 9 pin (male)
Computer Serial terminal (female)
STX Command : Parameter ETX
Start b yte
1 byte End
3 bytes 1 byte -
4 bytes