Precautions with regard to safety
In order to get the best picture quality
Draw curtains or blinds over any windows and turn off
any lights near the screen to prevent outside light or
light from indoor lamps from shining onto the screen.
Do not touch the surfaces of the lens or the front
glass with your bare hands.
If the surface of the lens becomes dirty from
fingerprints or anything else, this will be magnified
and projected onto the screen. Moreover, when not
using the projector, close the Front panel cover.
Liquid crystal panel
Do not project the same image for long periods of
time, as this may remain as an afterimage on the
liquid crystal panel.
The liquid crystal panel of the projector is built with
very high precision technology to provide fine picture
details. Occasionally, a few stuck pixels may appear
on the screen as fixed points of blue, green or red. It
is recommended to switch off the projector once and
try after 1 hour later again. Please note that this does
not affect the performance of your LCD.
The projector has a high pressure mercury lamp and
that is characterized as follows.
The brightness of the lamp depends on the duration
of use.
The lamp may explode or shorten the lamp life by
shocks or chipping damage.
The lamp may explode only occasionally after using
the projector.
The lamp may explode if using the projector after the
instructed lamp replacement timing.
The lamp life is depends on individual lamp
characteristics, usage condition and the installation
environment. Especially the consecutive use of the
projector for more than 10 hours, or the frequent
switching on or off may greatly affect on the lamp life.
Do not apply any volatile substances which may
cause discoloration to the screen, and do not let it
become dirty or damaged.
Optical components
If you use the projector consecutively 6 hours every
day, the optical components may need to be replaced
in less than 1 year.
Make sure the following accessories are provided with your projector.
Cautions on useAccessories
Remote control for PT-FW100NTU (x1)
AA batteries for Remote
control (x2)
Safety cable
Attachment screw (x1)
Safety cable (x1)
Power cord (x1)
CD-ROM (x1)