Getting Started
Read and follow the operating and connecting instructions of each peripheral device.
The peripheral devices must be turned off.
Use cables that match each peripheral device to be connected.
If the input signal is affected by signal jitter, the projected image may have poor image quality and timebase
correction is effective.
Confirm the type of video signals. See “List of compatible signals” on page 44.

JLAN terminal

Before connection to the projector

Connecting with computers

When COMPUTER2 SELECT in the OPTION menu is set to OUTPUT, do not connect any input signals.
•See CD-ROM contents for the LAN network connection.
Do not touch the metal parts of the LAN terminal. Failure to observe this may cause malfunction by static electricity.
Computers Monitor
Computer for
Audio system
RGB signal cable
LAN cable
ACT lamp (Green)
Flashes when transmit data.
LINK lamp (Yellow)
Illuminates when a LAN cable is connected.