Precautions with regard to safety
Do not mix old and new batteries.
If the batteries are inserted incorrectly, they may
explode or leak, and fire, injury or contamination of
the battery compartment and surrounding area may
Remove the used batteries from the remote control
If you leave used batteries in the remote control for
an extended period of time, it may cause liquid
leaking, abnormal internal temperature rising or
If not using the projector for an extended period of
time, disconnect the power plug from the wall outlet
and remove the batteries from the remote control.
If dust builds up on the power plug, the resulting
humidity may damage the insulation, which could
result in fire.
Keeping or leaving the remote control with batteries
inside may cause insulation deterioration, electrical
leakage or explosion which could result in fire.
Do not put your weight on this projector.
You could fall or the projector could break, and injury
may result.
Be especially careful not to let young children stand
or sit on the projector.
Disconnect the power plug from the wall outlet as a
safety precaution before carrying out any cleaning.
Electric shocks can result if this is not done.
If the lamp has broken, ventilate the room
immediately. Do not touch or bring your face close
to the broken pieces.
Failure to observe this may cause the user to absorb
the gas which was released when the lamp broke and
which contains nearly the same amount of mercury
as fluorescent lamps, and the broken pieces may
cause injury.
If you believe that you have absorbed the gas or that
the gas has got into your eyes or mouth, seek
medical advice immediately.
Ask your dealer about the replacement of the lamp
unit and check the inside of the projector.
Ask an Authorized Service Center to clean inside the
projector at least once a year.
If dust is left to build up inside the projector without
being cleaned out, it can result in fire or problems
with operation.
It is a good idea to clean the inside of the projector
before the season for humid weather arrives. Ask
your nearest Authorized Service Center to clean the
projector when required. Please discuss with the
Authorized Service Center regarding cleaning costs.
We are constantly making efforts to preserve and maintain a clean environment. Please take non repairable
units back to your dealer or a recycling company.
Do not subject the projector to excessive vibration
or shocks.
The projector lens need to be handled with care.
Cover the lens with the lens cover when transporting
the projector.
When transporting the projector, hold the body at
the bottom securely.
Do not hold the adjuster legs or the top cover to move
the projector, as this may damage the projector.
Avoid setting up in places which are subject to
vibration or shocks.
The internal parts can be damaged, which may cause
malfunctions or accidents.
Avoid setting up in places which are subject to
sudden temperature changes, such as near an air
conditioner or lighting equipment.
The life of the lamp may be shortened or the projector
may be turned off. See “TEMP indicator” on page 39.
Do not set up the projector near high-voltage power
lines or near motors.
The projector may be subject to electromagnetic
If installing the projector to the ceiling, ask a
qualified technician to carry out all installation work.
You will need to purchase the separate installation kit
(Model No. ET-PKF100H, ET-PKF100S).
Furthermore, all installation work is should only be
carried out by a qualified technician.
See “Ceiling mount bracket safeguards” on page 42
for the Safety cable installation.
If using this projector at high elevations
(above 1 400 m), set the HIGHLAND to ON. See
“HIGHLAND” on page 36.
Failure to observe this may result in malfunctions or
the life of the lamp or the other components may be
Cautions when transportingCautions when installing