Care and Replacement

JBefore cleaning the projector

Switch off the MAIN POWER and disconnect the power plug from the wall outlet.
Unplug all the cables from the projector.

JCleaning the outer surface of the projector

Wipe off dirt and dust gently with a soft cloth.
If it is difficult to remove the dirt, soak a cloth in a neutral detergent diluted with water, wring the cloth well
and then wipe the projector. Dry off the projector with dry cloth.
If you use a chemical treated wipe, follow the instructions supplied with it.

JCleaning the lens and front glass surface

Wipe off dirt and dust gently with a lint-free cloth.
Make sure no dirt or dust remains on the surface of the lens. It will be enlarged and projected onto a

JBefore replacing the ARF

Press the POWER button for at least 0.5 seconds or press twice to turn off the projector.
Wit until the cooling fan stops and the POWER indicator turn to RED.
Disconnect the Power cord from the main socket.
Prepare a Phillips-head screw driver.
Contact an Authorized Service Center to purchase a replacement ARF (ET-RFF100).

JWhen to replace the ARF

ARF is consumable product and effects on ventilation. FILTER indicator will inform you of the replacement
timing. You can check the remaining amount of the ARF in FILTER REMAINING menu.

JReplacement procedure

1. Turn the projector upside down and place it gently
on a soft cloth.
2. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to loosen 3 ARF
cover fixing screws until the screws turn freely and
remove the ARF cover.
3. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to loosen an ARF
fixing screws and release the clamp, then slightly
slide up the used ARF to remove.
4. Insert the new ARF into the compartment in
correct direction and slightly push down until it
clicks. Tighten the ARF fixing screws securely with
a Phillips-head screwdriver.
5. Attach the ARF cover and tighten the ARF cover
fixing screws securely with a Phillips-head

Cleaning the projector

Replacing the ARF (Auto Rolling Filter)

See “FILTER REMAINING” on page 34.
See “FILTER indicator” on page 39.
ARF cover
ARF cover fixing screw
Soft cloth
If the ARF and/or ARF cover are attached incorrectly,
the projector may not be turned on.
Do not switch the power on while the ARF cover
When you replace the ARF unit, clean the compartment
and/or the Air Exhaust port if you need to.
ARF fixing screw