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About THX

The THX technologies are explained below. See for more detailed information.

THX Cinema processing

THX is an exclusive set of standards and technologies
established by the world-renowned film production
company, Lucasfilm Ltd. THX grew from George Lucas'
personal desire to make your experience of the film
soundtrack, in both movie theatres and in your home
theatre, as faithful as possible to what the director
intended. Movie soundtracks are mixed in special movie
theatres called dubbing stages and are designed to be
played back in movie theatres with similar equipment
and conditions. This same soundtrack is then transferred
directly onto Laserdisc, VHS tape, DVD, etc., and is not
changed for playback in a small home theatre
environment. THX engineers developed patented
technologies to accurately translate the sound from the
movie theatre environment into the home, correcting the
tonal and spatial errors that occur. On this product, when
the THX indicator is on, THX features are automatically
added in Cinema modes (e.g. THX Cinema, THX
Surround EX).


The tonal balance of a film soundtrack will be excessively
bright and harsh when played back over audio
equipment in the home because film soundtracks were
designed to be played back in large movie theaters using
very different professional equipment. Re-Equalization
restores the correct tonal balance for watching a movie
soundtrack in a small home environment.

Timbre Matching

The human ear changes our perception of a sound
depending on the direction from which the sound is
coming. In a movie theatre, there is an array of surround
speakers so that the surround information is all around
you. In a home theatre, you use only two speakers located
to the side of your head. The Timbre Matching feature
filters the information going to the surround speakers so
that they more closely match the tonal characteristics of
the sound coming from the front speakers. This ensures
seamless panning between the front and surround

Adaptive Decorrelation

In a movie theatre, a large number of surround speakers
help create an enveloping surround sound experience,
but in a home theatre there are usually only two speakers.
This can make the surround speakers sound like
headphones that lack spaciousness and envelopment.
The surround sounds will also collapse into the closest
speaker as you move away from the middle seating
position. Adaptive Decorrelation slightly changes one
surround channel's time and phase relationship with
respect to the other surround channel. This expands the
listening position and creates—with only two speakers—
the same spacious surround experience as in a movie

THX Select

Before any home theatre component can be THX Select
certified, it must incorporate all the features above and
also pass a rigorous series of quality and performance
tests. Only then can a product feature the THX Select
logo, which is your guarantee that the Home Theatre
products you purchase will give you superb performance
for many years to come. THX Select requirements cover
every aspect of the product including pre-amplifier and
power amplifier performance and operation, and
hundreds of other parameters in both the digital and
analog domain.

THX Surround EX

THX Surround EX - Dolby Digital Surround EX is a joint
development of Dolby Laboratories and the THX Ltd. In a
movie theater, film soundtracks that have been encoded
with Dolby Digital Surround EX technology are able to
reproduce an extra channel which has been added
during the mixing of the program. This channel, called
Surround Back, places sounds behind the listener in
addition to the currently available front left, front center,
front right, surround right, surround left and subwoofer
channels. This additional channel provides the
opportunity for more detailed imaging behind the listener
and brings more depth, spacious ambience and sound
localization than ever before. Movies that were created
using the Dolby Digital Surround EX technology, when
released into the home consumer market may exhibit
wording to that effect on the packaging. A list of movies
created using this technology can be found on the Dolby
web site at
Only receiver and controller products bearing the THX
Surround EX logo, when in the THX Surround EX mode,
faithfully reproduce this new technology in the home.
This product may also engage the “THX Surround EX”
mode during the playback of 5.1 channel material that is
not Dolby Digital Surround EX encoded. In such case the
information delivered to the Surround Back channel will
be program dependent and may or may not be very
pleasing depending on the particular soundtrack and the
tastes of the individual listener.

THX is a trademark or registered trademark of THX Ltd.
Surround EX is a jointly developed technology of THX and
Dolby Laboratories and is a trademark of Dolby
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