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Other audio problems

No sound from one speaker. • The speaker setting has been set to
.• Change the setting in
Speaker Setting
on page 55.
• The speaker level is too low. • Check the level in
Channel Level
on page 56.
• The speaker isn’t connected properly. • Check
Installing your speaker system
on page 28 to
make sure the speaker is connected correctly.
• The source has no sound output for that
• By choosing an advanced effect listening mode (see
Listening in surround sound
on page 38), you may be able
to create an extra channel for the speaker.
Sound is produced from analog
components, but not from digital
ones (DVD, LD, CD-ROM etc.).
• The digital input assignment is wrong. • Assign the digital inputs correctly (see
Assigning the
digital inputs
on page 81).
• The digital components aren't connected
• Make sure you have properly connected the digital
component to the corresponding input on the back of the
receiver (see
Connecting your equipment
on page 15).
• The player is not compatible with the source
you're using, or the player settings are
• Choose a compatible source, or check the component’s
manual for the correct settings.
• The digital output level has been turned
down on a CD player or other component
equipped with digital output level adjustment
• Set the digital volume level of the player to full, or to the
neutral position.
• The multichannel analog inputs are
• Press
again (see
Using the
multichannel analog inputs
on page 42).
• The input signal type is set to
.• Set the input signal type to
Selecting the
input signal type
on page 43).
No sound is output or a noise is
output when Dolby Digital/DTS
software is played back.
• A DVD player not compatible with Dolby
Digital/DTS is being used.
• Make sure your DVD player is compatible with Dolby
• The settings on the DVD player are incorrect
and/or the DTS signal output is turned off.
• Make sure the player's settings are correct and/or the
DTS signal out is on. Refer to the instruction manual
supplied with the DVD player.
• The digital output level is turned down on a
CD player or other component equipped with
digital output level adjustment capability. (The
DTS signal has been altered by the player, and
cannot be read.)
• Set the digital volume level of the player to full, or to the
neutral position.
Symptom Cause Remedy
Symptom Cause Remedy
Broadcast stations cannot be
selected automatically, or there
seems to be considerable noise
in radio broadcasts.
FM broadcasts
• The FM antenna is not fully extended or is
poorly positioned.
• Fully extend the FM wire antenna, position for best
reception, and secure to a wall.
• Weak radio signals. • Connect an outdoor FM antenna (see page 30).
AM broadcasts
• The AM antenna is poorly positioned. • Adjust the direction and position for best reception.
• Weak radio signals. • Connect an additional internal or external AM antenna
(see page 30).
• Interference caused by other equipment
(fluorescent lamp, motor, etc.).
• Turn off the equipment causing the noise or move it
away from the receiver.
• Place the antenna farther away from the equipment
causing the noise.
Multi-voltage model only –
The frequency
step isn’t correct for your country or region.
• Change the frequency step to match your country or
region (see
Changing the frequency step
on page 102).
A multi channel DVD source
appears to be downmixed from 2
channels during playback.
• The source is coming from something other
than the
jacks (for example,
digital PCM output, etc.)
• Check the
connection (see
Connecting the
multichannel analog outputs
on page 20) and select the
multichannel analog inputs with the
Using the multichannel analog inputs
on page 42).
Noise is output when scanning a
• The scan function performed by the player
slightly alters the digital information, making
it unreadable.
• This is not a malfunction, but be sure to turn the volume
down to prevent the output of loud noise from your
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