Connecting your equipment 03
To improve AM reception, connect a 5–6m length of vinyl-
coated wire to the
terminals without
disconnecting the supplied AM loop antenna.
For the best possible reception, suspend horizontally

Plugging in the

Only plug in after you have connected all your
components to this receiver, including the speakers.
Handle the power cord by the plug part. Do not pull
out the plug by tugging the cord, and never touch the
power cord when your hands are wet, as this could
cause a short circuit or electric shock. Do not place
the unit, a piece of furniture, or other object on the
power cord or pinch the cord in any other way. Never
make a knot in the cord or tie it with other cables. The
power cords should be routed so that they are not
likely to be stepped on. A damaged power cord can
cause a fire or give you an electric shock. Check the
power cord once in a while. If you find it damaged,
ask your nearest Pioneer authorized independent
service company for a replacement.
Do not use any power cord other than the one
supplied with this unit.
Do not use the supplied power cord for any purpose
other than that described below.
The receiver should be disconnected by removing the
mains plug from the wall socket when not in regular
use (for example, when on vacation).
1 Plug the supplied power cord into the AC IN
socket on the back of the receiver.
2 Plug the other end into a power outlet.

About the AC outlet

Continental European (excluding U.K.) model only
(Switched 100W max.)
Power supplied through this outlet is turned on and off by
the receiver's
Total electrical power consumption of connected
should not exceed 100 W.
Do not connect a TV set
, monitor, heater, or similar
appliance to this unit's AC outlet.
Do not connect appliances with high power
consumption to the AC outlet in order to avoid
overheating and fire risk. This can also cause the
receiver to malfunction.
Since a subwoofer can exceed the 100W maximum
when playing sources at high volumes, it is best not
to connect a subwoofer to the AC outlet.
Outdoor antenna
5–6 meters
Indoor antenna
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