Other connections 10

Connecting a PC for Advanced

MCACC output

If you use the Professional Acoustic Calibration (see
page 91) to measure the reverb characteristics of your
listening room, you can check the results graphically
using a computer connected to this receiver. Use a
commercially-available RS-232C cable to connect the RS-
232C jack on your computer to the 9-pin RS-232C jack on
the back panel of this receiver (the cable must be cross
type, female–female).
The software to output the results is available from the
support area of the Pioneer website (www.pioneereur.
com/files/support/MCACC/software.html). Instructions
for using the software are also available here. If you have
any questions about the software, please contact the
Pioneer Service Center specified on your warranty card.
Please make sure your system meets the following
Operating system must be Windows
XP, Windows
2000, Windows
Millennium Edition, Windows
Second Edition, or Windows
NT 4.0 (Service pack 6).
CPU must be at least Pentium 3 / 300MHz or AMD K6
/ 300MHz (or equivalent) with at least 128MB of
memory, and your monitor must be able to display a
minimum resolution of 800x600.
An RS-232C port connector is necessary for
graphical output. Refer to the operating instructions
and/or the PC manufacturer for more information on
making the proper port settings.
System must have internet access.
Connect your computer to the RS-232C jack on
the rear panel of the receiver.
Make sure that the receiver and all connected
components are switched off and disconnected from the
power outlet when you do this.
Use a commercially-available cable to connect the RS-
232C jack on your computer to the 9-pin RS-232C jack on
this receiver. See the documentation provided with the
Advanced MCACC application for more information.

Advanced MCACC output using your PC

Before continuing, make sure you have completed
Professional Acoustic Calibration
on page 91.
1 Select ‘PC Output’ and press ENTER.
When the receiver is ready for transmission,
Operate a
shows on the OSD.
2 Start the MCACC application on your computer.
Follow the instructions provided with the application. It
will take about ten seconds for the transmission to
complete, then you will be able to analyze the output on
your computer. Since the data will be cleared from the
receiver when you restart reverb measurement, you
might want to save the information on your PC after
3 When you’re finished, select ‘Exit’ on the on-
screen display.
You’ll be taken to the Advanced EQ Setup. Depending on
the results, you may want to continue with the Advanced
EQ setup (see
Using Professional Acoustic Calibration
page 92 for more on this). You can also simply press
again to exit the Professional Acoustic Calibration setup.
[ Auto Pro. ]
[ Reverb Measurement ]
[ Reverb View ]
[ PC Output ]
[ Advanced EQ Setup ]
Acoustic Cal EQ Pro.
Acoustic Cal EQ Pro.
PC Output
Operate a PC.
[ Exit ]
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