Playingback the images-The last image stored on the memory is displayed.Press the play button ( Î).

Select an image that you want to play back by pressing the Left/ Right button

Playing back / Deleting images

Deleting images- This deletes images stored on the memory card.

1. Select an image that you want to delete by pressing the Left /


Right button and press the DELETE ( Õ) button.














T Select

OK Confirm

OK Comfirm


[Single Image]

[Thumbnail Image]


ÄManner mode : Pressing the play mode button for more than 3 seconds changes the buzzer and start-up sound setting to OFF, even though you may have set these to ON.

2.To add images to delete, press the T button.

-Left / Right button : Selects images

-T button : Checks for deletion-OK button : deletes the selectedimages.

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T Select

OK Delete

3.Select the submenu values by pressing the Up / Down button and then press the OK button.

- If [No] is selected : cancels "Delete Image".- If [Yes] is selected : deletes the selected images.