If you cannot obtain suitable exposure conditions, you can change the metering method to take brighter pictures.

[Multi] : Exposure will be calculated based on

an average of the available light in the

image area. However, the calculation

will be biased towards the centre of the

You can adjust the sharpness of the picture you are about to take. You cannot check the sharpness effect on the LCD monitor before you take a picture, because this function is applied only when the captured image is stored on the memory.




image area. This is suitable for general













[Spot] : Only the rectangular area in the centre









of the LCD monitor will be metered for light. This is suitable

when the subject in the centre is exposed correctly, regardless

of the back lighting.




ÄIf the subject is not the centre of the focus area, do not use the spot metering as this may result in an exposure error. In this circum- stance, it is better to use exposure compensation.

[Soft+]/ [Soft]

: The edges of the image are softened. This effect is


suitable for editing images on your PC.
[Normal]: The edges of the image are sharp.
This is suitable for printing.[Vivid]/ [Vivid+]: The edges of the image are emphasized.The edges will appear sharp, but noise may occur in the recorded image.